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Tradeshow Management

In 2009, the world’s pioneer in body monitoring devices, BodyMedia looked to infuse more money in their marketing budget. Looking for innovative ways to spend it, they turned to a+l marketing for event ideas that would create a buzz in the press. After studying several scenarios and pitching against several other agencies, a+l marketing met the decision makers of BodyMedia’s Marketing Department as well as their Chief Technical Officer with the #1 recommendation being to create a presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Las Vegas. The pitch was won and a+l marketing went to work on negotiating a sponsorship within the Sports and Fitness Tech Zone that would become the home of BodyMedia’s to be designed truss display. The activity inside the 20’ x 20’ footprint included live demonstrations of the product, sales reps on site to meet and greet potential retail buyers as well as Marketing and PR staff whom coordinated interviews for both national and international news media. Three weeks post CES, BodyMedia received 40 million new impressions on their website, a 1000% increase from 2009, thousands of new leads and a substantial amount of press coverage with value that surpassed the total overall total event cost 10:1. A live keynote speaker endorsement appearance by Jillian Michaels, partnerships with household names like Sprint & Panasonic and three years later, BodyMedia still sees CES as a staple in their marketing plan and annually continues to build their brand’s presence at the show.