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Marketing Services

We are not just a small marketing agency with a big bite.  The clout and resources we have become known to use was developed over a decade ago with diligence, professionalism, persistence and the ability to listen and accept what a client or partner is requesting.  Another rare characteristic of a+l is our loyalty to the brands in which we represent.  Interjecting brands into everyday life is not a common factor in the profile of larger agencies.  We go the extra mile to make sure that every opportunity for exposure is taken for our clients thus providing many added values without the added cost.

Pride is something that we place high on the scale of significance in a client-agency relationship.  Lisa Merrick, Partner and Strategic Planner of a+l explains, “You have to be proud of the brand you work on.  Seeing the end result of many hours of hard work is always something we look forward to do.”


One of the most effective ways to reach an audience is to simply take it on the road! a + l marketing has mastered the concept of minimal spending/maximum exposure. We will create a campaign by researching each targeted market’s (and surrounding) events, planning a bold presence and building awareness for the brand in a unique and conspicuous manner. Mobile Marketing is ideal for brands that seeking initial growth without a large spend.


Becoming the brand is important for any campaign to reach peak potential, however working hard to find the precise match in a promotional team is an art that a+l has mastered.

From staffing and guided market selection to execution and post event analysis, we offer a turnkey process for our clients.  From the campgrounds of stock car racing events to the vineyards of Napa Valley, our events leave the target with a new knowledge of the brand that will drive sales for years to come.



Aligning your business with the appropriate entities is crucial when reaching your desired target audience.  a+l marketing secures and manages partnerships with properties that are the most accurate reflection of their client’s brand personalities.


Don’t know what to do with a sponsorship once the ink is dried?  NOT A PROBLEM.  Let our sponsorship activation experts analyze, recommend, and manage an activation plan for you.  Sponsorship activation is the most crucial component to any successful sponsorship.  From consumer sampling and gaming to hospitality, we work with our clients to put together a plan that will show a proven return on investment.


 “That boy is your company. And if he wants to eat up that tablecloth, you let him, you hear?”                -Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
Like your company, a well-oiled machine has many parts in order to make it run smoothly.   a + l marketing has everything you need to make your corporation shine. We are experienced in planning parties and events that are tailored to your brand.  Whether you are showing your sales team how much they are appreciated or you are in need of expressing gratitude to the customers you currently have.  Perhaps you would like to incentivize the team you have worked so hard to build or gain new clientele.

Regardless of your purpose, we can seek out a venue that suits your business style.  From NASCAR  to Napa Valley to PGA to College Spring Break, we truly have a knack for fitting in and making any event a success.  Branding will be an extensive part of this process and a+l will go above and beyond to ensure an atmosphere of your standards is established.  By doing this, you can relax, enjoy the company, entertainment, race, wine, food…whatever you desire…and we’ll take care of the rest!